Rethinking Policing in Cambridge

July 7th Public Safety Hearing

On July 7th, the Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing on the Police Use of Force policy.

June 22nd Policy Orders

On June 22nd, the City Council will consider two policy orders on police-related matters. Please consider offering public comment on Policy Order #1 (on publicizing union contracts) and Policy Order #9 (requiring the City Manager provide a list of police equipment to the Council.)

City Manager Reallocates Funding

On June 10th, 2020, the Cambridge City Manager committed to redirecting $2.5M in planned police funding towards accelerating hiring of new social services roles like social workers and housing planners.

Public Comment on Police Budget

On June 8th, 2020, the Cambridge City Council heard public comment on a policy order to redirect increased police funding towards measures that promote public health and safety in other departments .
Learn more about the outcome of this discussion.

Following this meeting, Malaika Moses issued a request to the community to support her family in their statement to the City of Cambridge. This letter was submitted to the Council, and provides a concrete set of next steps for Cambridge to engage in anti-racism work.

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