What is this group?

The goal of this group is to bring attention to efforts to reduce the police budget and/or abolish policing in Cambridge, and to make it easier for people to engage with those efforts to the degree that they see fit. We are working with Black community leaders around Cambridge to amplify their voices and and figuring out together how we can best be of service. We know that the Black community is not a monolith, and there are many different ideas for how and if police defunding/abolition should take place. We see ourselves as facilitators of this conversation, not leaders. As individuals, the (mostly white ally) facilitators of Rethink Cambridge Police favor a range of stances, from significantly defunding the Cambridge police to complete abolition, with funds re-allocated to other departments.

We believe that the scope of policing in daily life needs to be dramatically reduced, that all services that can be assigned to non-police departments should be, and that we should expand our notions of what "public safety" means and how we can achieve it without policing. We believe that increasing the quality of life for under-served communities is the best tool for public safety. We will continue listening to the stated desires of Black leaders in Cambridge as the conversation on police budgets and structure in Cambridge evolves.