City Manager Rededicates Funds

At the Cambridge City Council meeting on Wednesday, June 10th, Cambridge's City Manager committed to holding the police budget for FY21 steady with the approved budget for the previous year, redirecting a proposed $2.5M increase in police budget towards accelerating hiring of public service positions.

This commitment, made after a Council-led policy order submitted by Councilor Zondervan and Councilor Sobrinho-Wheeler called for redirecting that increased budget, was combined with a commitment by the City Manager to create a task force to consider how to best address public safety in Cambridge.

This is a small-but-significant step forward in the movement to change the face of policing and public safety in Cambridge.

These funds will be redirected to fill other roles in the city more quickly, including actions like hiring a director of equity and culture, housing case managers, housing planners, and early childhood positions in the city, as well as supporting the hiring of a new social worker position within the Central Square Library.

While the policy order itself was technically put on pause until this coming Monday, the core thrust of its intent--to specifically redirect budgeted funding away from the Cambridge Police Department towards needed services in Cambridge--is in line with the actions of the City Manager: this is a huge success for everyone who shared their views with the council!

We want to thank the activists who came out on Monday, as well as all of those who emailed their support, for their support for this motion. Without your support, this would not have happened.

We believe this commitment is the first step towards creating a better path towards public safety in Cambridge.