Public Comment Outcome

On June 8th, residents spoke out across the board in favor of rethinking the Cambridge Police.

In more than 4 hours of public comment, hundreds of Cantabrigians spoke overwhelmingly in favor of Policy Order #7, to redirect increases in police funding to better serve the community and invest in our communities. The commenters addressed this specific issues, and also spoke on a broad range of approaches to re-examining policing as a tool for public safety in Cambridge. The level of support for this policy order is largely unprecedented, and the community spoke with a clear voice in favor of taking more steps to bring an end to policing as we know it in Cambridge.

Due to the length of public comment, all business of the council was deferred to a Special Meeting on Wednesday, June 10th, at 5:30pm. No public comment will be heard at this meeting, but there is still the opportunity to contact the City Council with your views on Policy Order #7, and on rethinking the Cambridge Police department. To that end, please consider emailing public comment to the Council if you have not done so to date; you can consider talking points from our public comment guide as well!

Thanks to all who made their voices heard, and supported the idea that it's time to rethink policing in Cambridge!