Week of 7/6/2020

Use of Force Hearing

On Tuesday, 7/7/2020 1:00 PM, there will be a Public Safety Committee at Cambridge City Hall and streamed online regarding the Police Department's Use of Force policy and related matters. Cambridge Day described expectations for the meeting like this:

"This committee run by city councillors Quinton Zondervan and Dennis Carlone will discuss the Cambridge Police Department’s use of force policy and related matters. This meeting could be tense, considering the June 10 clash between Zondervan and police commissioner Branville G. Bard Jr., after which Bard asked the city manager or city solicitor to serve as a go-between – which can be summed up as “city manager, please tell councillor Zondervan that I’m not talking to him.” (Cambridge Day Article -- this article is old and has a previous date for the meeting)

Defund the Police Crash Course

An online workshop called "Defund the Police: a 4-day Crash Course" is being conducted by representatives from Sunrise Movement, Mijente, Dream Defenders, Critical Resistance, AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus, and Southerners on New Ground. The training will run July 13th-16th, Mon-Thurs, with multiple time slot options. The site for the workshop requires anyone interested in participating to fill out a form with date/time preferences and demographic information by July 7th to find out if you can reserve a spot. Register here!

Harvard Legal Defense against Divestment

An article by the Harvard Crimson describes the University's "recent motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign over the University’s alleged investments in companies tied to the prison industry". Read more.


A December 2019 account by the Salem Reporter of a day spent following the CAHOOTS responder team on their rounds in Eugene Oregon. Note this is the organization that is referenced in the Cambridge City Council's Alternative Policing Policy Order. Read more.